By Simon Dunn




My clients successes are my success. I'm beyond proud of all the hard work my clients put into achieving their goals and it truly is a privilege to help them on their journeys. 


Ben Clancy - Online Personalized Coaching & Programming 

“Simon supported me with a program and provided me with support to set me up for success and I have exceeded my own expectations of what I am capable of  by utilizing his experience and knowledge” 

Ben Clancy initially reached out to me for online coaching for both toning and bettering his half marathon time. After some more questioning we established his main focus is achieving a personal best time in the half marathon of 2 hours.
Therefore I programmed, weight training sessions with included high intensity exercises along with AMRAP circuits. This was to increase his cardiovascular endurance when training outside of marathon specific training days. 
Ben's "running days" included both a long run and a fast run. Long runs start off with a base distance which is gradually increased at 15% at about 60% effort. Whereas his fast runs we're timed at 30 minutes and the goal was to achieve a further distance with each run.
With this training, over 2 months and 2 mesocycles. Ben was able to achieve a personal best marathon time of 1hr 44mins. Smashing his previous time by 21mins 51sec.